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Denning Insurance Law are Brisbane Insurance Lawyers that provide independent legal advice to employers in Queensland workers’ compensation claims. 

Our services include:

Applications for Review

A decision by WorkCover may be challenged by an employer or a worker, by making an ‘application for review’ to the Workers’ Compensation Regulator (Regulator). Not all decisions by WorkCover are reviewable.

Strict timeframes apply and you should seek legal advice if you receive a decision that you believe should be challenged. We assist employers with drafting applications for review to the Regulator. We also prepare submissions in response to applications by workers, on behalf of employers.

Appeals from Decisions by the Regulator

Decisions of the Regulator can be challenged by appeal to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC). Denning Insurance Law can assist employers appeal to the QIRC or intervene in an appeal, where it is in their interests to do so.

Common Law Claims Management

Where a claim is made by a worker for damages, WorkCover will manage the claim through its own claims staff and panel lawyers. For the majority of claims, employers do not need to engage their own lawyers.

However, in some multi-party disputes or complex matters, an employer may wish to seek independent advice. Denning Insurance Law can assist employers in these matters.

Defence of Recovery Actions

Uninsured employers face significant penalties under the workers’ compensation legislation. We provide advocacy to uninsured employers faced with a recovery claim by WorkCover and help employers understand their obligations.

Responding to Requests for Information

WorkCover extensive powers to request information and documents from past and current employers. If you have a query relating to a request from WorkCover, we can help you understand your obligations under the legislation.

Premium Information

Queensland workers’ compensation premiums are payable to WorkCover. Premiums are calculated by taking into account the claims history of an employer, the amount of wages to be payable to staff and the relevant industry rate, gazetted by the Queensland Government.

The premium calculation by WorkCover is a reviewable decision under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act. Denning Insurance Law can assist employers understand their premium calculation and offer general premium advice.

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For assistance with a workers’ compensation claim call Denning Insurance Law on (07) 3067 3025 or send an online enquiry. If you’re a self-insurer, click here to review our services.

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