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We’re a Brisbane law firm providing specialist advice to clients with contract, negligence, and insurance related disputes.

The majority of civil and commercial litigation involves an element of negligence. This is where our expertise as insurance lawyers is of value.

Generally, only lawyers with specialist experience in insurance are aware of all the insurance, negligence, and contractual issues involved in a dispute. This knowledge can significantly reduce risk, cost and duration of litigation for a client.

Denning Insurance Law was founded on top tier experience, by Principal Lawyer, Kate Denning. We have a one-on-one approach to each matter. In most law firms, the work on each file is performed by several staff – partners, associates, lawyers, paralegals, law clerks and secretaries. These overheads can significantly increase fees with limited benefit for the client. It can also cause matters to drift off-track or, result in work being duplicated.

With Denning Insurance Law, the work on each matter is performed by one lawyer for its duration. This means that we work more closely with our clients to achieve the best results, while controlling costs and providing a customised service.

Our focus on our relationships, results, and expediency sets us apart from other law firms.

Our Values

Our values are central to our business and guide all that we do. This is what sets us apart:

Be Transparent

We keep clients in control of costs and provide a detailed scope of work for each matter. Assessing each matter, we provide an estimate or quote for our fees, based on the level of service you require and the complexity of the dispute. Wherever possible, we offer event based billing or fixed fee services. With clients able to focus on their matter, we can work together more effectively towards resolution.

Achieve Results

Dispute management by some insurance law firms can be process driven, with no ‘big picture’ view for the client. Because every dispute is different, we focus on results. In working with us, you’ll understand that the actions we are taking on your behalf are deliberate and based on years of experience in insurance litigation. Resources are applied to the main issues in dispute, for the duration of each matter.

Be Reasonable

Parties expect to be dealt with fairly and reasonably in the legal system. We recognise this and that’s why we adopt a measured approach in our dealings. The relationships we build with our clients, colleagues, service providers and consultants, are built on trust. We build trust by treating others in a fair and reasonable way.

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